Tips To Prepare For A Cake Smash Photo Shoot!

First birthday cake smash Milton Keynes baby girl

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A cake smash photography session is a fun and memorable way to mark your little one’s first or second birthday. My cake smash sessions include a cake and decorations in a colour palette of your choice. The session is led entirely by your baby – sometimes they will be happy playing with a cake for a long time, others want to move on more quickly. No matter what happens, I will capture some fun photos of the experience and I’l always be sure to include a variety of different shots for you to choose your favourites from!

Some parents worry about feeding their baby with sugar. In my experience, the cake smash is much more about making mess. Although your little one may taste their cake, most don’t eat very much of it but instead enjoy playing!

Some babies aren’t very interested in the cake, so I’ll hide some of their favourite snack in it or put a loved toy nearby so that they are keen to get involved.

What To Expect At Your Cake Smash

  • I start the session with some family photos so you have a record of this important milestone
  • I take a few images of the birthday boy or girl on their own
  • We change your little one into their cake smash outfit
  • We bring in the cake!
  • To clean up I bring out my tin bath, rubber ducks and some lovely bubbly water
  • To finish we wrap your little one in a soft towel

Collage of Cake Smash Photo Shoot pictures boys and girls first birthday

Checklist For A Successful Cake Smash

  • Feed your baby cake a couple of times in the weeks before the session, so they are used to the taste
  • ALWAYS discuss any food allergies with your photographer beforehand
  • Do some messy play with play-doh, food, paint or icing in the weeks before, so they are used to the texture of soft icing
  • Bring a favourite toy in case baby needs a break or distraction
  • Bring a drink in a sippy cup – eating cake is thirsty work!
  • Try to encourage your baby to nap before the session so they aren’t tired
  • Bring some of your baby’s favourite snack with you to hide in the icing
  • Bring a clean change of clothes for baby and for you for afterwards!
  • Tell your photographer if your baby is allergic to any bath products

You can see more examples of cake smash photography here. If you’d like to book for your baby, please get in touch!

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