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Ask me anything!

I asked on social media for all your questions about newborn photography! If you do have anything you would like to ask, pop me an email and I’ll do my best to answer. I am the leading Newborn Photographer in Olney and Milton Keynes. 

Do we talk with you before the session about what we’d like included?

Yes! We can chat as many times as you want, whichever way you would like to, before your session. If you book a maternity session then we will also use that opportunity to have a chat about colours, props and your favourite images you’d like me to include.

If you see anything you like, send me the pictures! If you have any special requests for setups, let me know! If you’d like to meet up for a chat, that’s great too.

These are your images, You will treasure them for years. We will work together to get them right for you.

Newborn photographer in Milton Keynes captures image of newborn twins

How long does a newborn portrait session last?

That depends on your baby! I like my sessions to be baby-led, because they are in charge. I take the session at whatever pace your baby is happy with, and stop for feeds and cuddles whenever they are needed by your little one.

My sessions usually last around 2-2.5 hours, but I have comfy chairs, a coffee machine and a biscuit tin, and you will really enjoy watching me create your images with your little one. While I’m working, I’ll share with you some tips about how I encourage baby to sleep which you might find useful too!

What is the best age for a newborn portrait session?

The ‘ideal’ age for a newborn session is between 5 and 21 days after they have arrived. During the first few days, babies are feeding lots (nature’s way of establishing a milk supply) and you are enjoying getting to know your new baby!

After around 3 weeks your baby is getting to be more alert and nosy – they will want to watch what is going on! With a small window, it’s best to book your newborn photographer while you are pregnant, if you can, to avoid disappointment. Read more about this here.

However, I will never say that a baby is too old! You will get a different selection of images with an 8 week old than a 1 week baby – a newborn will sleep deeply and be posed with props, whereas an older baby will share her bright eyes, little smiles and more engagement with mummy and daddy!

If you think you’ve left it too late for newborn photos – think again!!

Can we bring our own props to include in the photos?

Yes. Yes you can!

Newborn photographer in Milton Keynes captures image of premature baby boy in grey blanket

I will always stick to my “Capture the Light” style so that you know you will be getting beautiful images that match what you have seen in my portfolio, but I’m always happy to include your own props if they are meaningful to you. I’ve had wedding flowers, uniforms, motorbike leathers and helmets and even wooden ducks and a remote control car! When you enquire, we

 can have a chat about what might work in your images.

What if my baby poops during their portrait session?!

It happens! And really – it’s not a problem. Babies often use my blankets and props – and occasionally me – as a potty. But I’m used to it! I’ll clean up any mess without a fuss and I always have spares of everything. All my fabrics are washed between shoots and all my props and my studio are cleaned with anti-bacterial cleanser after each session.

I use a waterproof pad beneath my blankets so any mess is minimised.

And I always have a change of clothes with me, just in case!

– Tip for removing baby poo stains from blankets: Rinse them thoroughly with lots of COLD water as soon as possible. This will remove the worst of the stain. Then wash as normal with non-bio powder, and if you can dry outside, the sun will help to remove any remaining marks. 

What if my baby doesn’t sleep for their photos?

It sometimes happens that a baby will be reluctant to sleep for their newborn portrait session. I have lots of tricks to help create a calm environment, where your baby will be relaxed and happy. We stop for breaks whenever your baby or you would like to, for milk and for cuddles. I use white noise and have the temperature lovely and warm to encourage sleep, and have other tricks that I will share with you at your session!

awake baby newborn photo shoot olney milton keynes bedford northamptonEventually almost every baby will have a nap – even if it’s only a quick one! And a quick sleep is all I need to create some beautiful sleepy photographs for you.

However, I also LOVE to see baby’s eyes! Awake images are often my favourite – especially if I can get some gorgeous eye contact.

So don’t panic – awake and asleep babies all make for amazing photography!


If you have any questions that you would like answered about newborn photography, please do let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them. Remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question!


Newborn Photographer Olney | Newborn Photographer Bedford | Newborn Photographer Northampton | Newborn photographer Milton Keynes



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