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newborn photography review

Tired mum, marmalade stains and Dad napping… An honest review of a newborn photography session!

As soon as I found out I was expecting a baby,  I excitedly booked my newborn session.  I’d been following Emma for a while on Instagram and just KNEW I had to have my newborn images taken by her.  Now the dust has settled, it feels like AGES since my newborn session and my little one has grown so much! Here’s my review of the newborn photography experience. 

I’d been looking forward to the shoot all the way through my pregnancy and once my little girl arrived I tiredly filled out the questionnaire provided, to give my input on the colours and styles I wanted, the euphoria of my little one finally being here giving me the energy to do it! 

black and white image of newborn baby with parents from a review of newborn photographer in bedford

As the session date approached though,  I found myself feeling more and more apprehensive.  The days were passing by in a blur of sleepless nights, nappy changes and feeds. I didn’t know what day it was, some mornings I even think I forgot my name! Was I really ready to take my baby out?  Would I cope?  Was it too soon?  I panicked that I would forget something essential or arrive with my shoes on the wrong feet, with unbrushed hair! 

I decided to voice my concerns to Emma,  who had been really approachable throughout the whole enquiry and booking process.  I am SO glad I did!  She completely reassured me and put my worries to bed. She explained again how the session would work and what I needed to bring and what would be required of me (basically sitting down on her comfy sofa and having a rest!  which sounded VERY desirable.) 

sleeping newborn baby boy with tartan blanket in a review of a newborn photographer
Family with newborn baby boy in a review of newborn photographer
The day of the session arrived and I managed to get to the studio without too many mishaps (I MAY have had a bit of marmalade on my top and there was a last minute nappy change for an explosive poo, but we were getting used to those now and had the change down to a fine art!)
The studio is beautiful!  Calming and cosy, and a real treasure trove of beautiful props and outfits.  Emma was SO lovely.  She made us feel really at ease.  We were soon sitting comfortably, and she chatted away explaining how the session would go, as I fed baby.
With my little girl full up and settled, Emma took over.  She was so gentle and confident.  My husband and I were able to sit back and relax, with coffee and biscuits (don’t tell anyone but hubby even dozed off for half an hour – not that he would admit it!)
Emma persuaded us to be in some pictures too, and managed to edit out the marmalade stain, and even made us look like we weren’t surviving on 2 hours sleep.  I am SO happy she got us to agree, because somehow (whether it was witchcraft, clever angles or photoshop – or perhaps all three) we all look incredible and I will treasure the images for years to come.
behind the scenes image of baby photographer in Olney, Bedford, Northampton.
The whole thing was such a wonderful experience, more than just a photo shoot; it actually helped refresh me and make me ready to face the next lot of nappy changes and night feeds with positivity, instead of dread!
If you have ANY qualms whatsoever about booking or attending a photoshoot while your little one is so small; I can assure you, there is absolutely nothing to worry about – apart from maybe peeling your tired husband off the sofa when it is time to leave.
I hope this review of newborn photography has been useful… You can find more information about newborn photography on my website by clicking below


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