Older Newborn Photography

baby girl at older newborn photoshoot in Milton Keynes

Older Newborn Photography

Many brand new parents have found that the newborn sessions with their teeny, tiny new bundles have had to be postponed recently, either due to Covid restrictions, isolating, or sometimes because of completely unrelated illness, or a longer recovery after birth. 

Much like the many things we have missed out on over the last year,  there is no doubt that for a family intent of capturing their little one’s first few weeks, as images to treasure forever, missing the sessions has been upsetting.
Well, I am here to reassure you!  Postponing your newborn session does NOT mean missing out.  Although in general, newborn sessions are best done in the first few weeks, because it’s easier for the photographer, someone determined (like me) can create a beautiful gallery of images with your older baby, in a style and poses very close to a brand-new-born session.
This gorgeous boy is 8 weeks old. 
Older newborn baby boy in newborn photoshoot near Milton Keynes

So what does an older newborn session entail? 

If your session has had to be postponed, or you simply haven’t booked one yet due to the lockdown, I can still achieve an incredible gallery of images for you, up to around 16 weeks of age. With an older baby, they may take longer to settle and the range of poses may have to be tailored.  However, if I learnt anything from all the postponed sessions from the first lockdown, it’s that I ADORE working with older newborns!

What if my baby won’t sleep? 

So older babies generally sleep less, but that’s also a bonus – we can photograph their gorgeous smiles,  some fab eye contact and engagement with parents. And with some patience and a few tricks of the trade, we may just get some sleepy shots, too!

Patrick – 12 weeks
Sleeping baby boy on grey blanket in Older newborn photoshoot milton keynes
Sleeping baby boy on a brown blanket in an Older newborn photoshoot milton keynes
Awake baby boy in an Older newborn photoshoot milton keynes

Will you still try for some sleepy shots?

Most older babies I have had in have drifted off at some point so I’ve still been able to get some stunning sleepy images too, and some have even slept like, well, the proverbial baby!  I will of course try my ‘sleepy baby’ tricks with my usual patience and care.
Arthur – 14 weeks

Will there be fewer images in my gallery?

Absolutely not! Although the types of images might differ from a typical newborn session, as always, I will do my best to provide a varied and beautiful gallery.  As mentioned, we have the added advantage of stunning awake shots.  Your baby will also be stronger so we can usually incorporate some tummy time images too, which are super cute! /div>

Buddy – 10 weeks

And remember, your baby is STILL the lovely new addition to your family, even if you can’t have the newborn session you dreamt of, you CAN still have stunning, professional images, to look back on for years to come. 

If you’ve had a baby during lockdown, and would like more information on an older baby session, please take a look around the website for more information or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you!  

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