Surviving Pregnancy When It’s Hot

Tips for surviving pregnancy in the summer

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(This blog is written by my wonderful sister. Who is currently 40+ weeks pregnant and a bit warm!)

Swollen feet, sweating, struggling to sleep… sound familiar? If you are lucky enough to be heavily pregnant in the summer, these symptoms will only be even more exaggerated as the mercury rises.

Here are just a few of my top tips for surviving the summer heat when pregnant:

  • Stay hydrated

All throughout your pregnancy you have no doubt heard about the benefits of staying hydrated, this becomes even more important as temperatures rise. Try not to load up on sugary drinks though – they wont make you feel better! Instead cut up a lemon and fill a jug with water and keep it in the fridge. It’s not only refreshing but also good for digestion too!

  • Get out at the coolest time

First thing in the morning the temperature is usually at its lowest, therefore aim to get out and about as early as possible. Go for a walk and enjoy the fresh morning air. You can also benefit from the sun’s rays and will absorb the most vitamin D at this time.

  • Put your feet up

If you suffer from swollen feet and ankles, then try to keep your legs up whenever you can. Get out your hammock and relax with a good book in the shade.

  • Have photographs taken in the evening

If you are booking a maternity portrait session, it will be lovely to remember the great weather during your pregnancy. We can arrange your portrait session outside to take advantage of the green grass and colourful flowers. It just happens that the evenings have the very best light for outdoor photography, and it’s cooler then, too! Get in touch to book your session for a balmy summer evening.

  • Take the plunge

Going for a swim is not only a great way to lower your body temperature but is also great for pregnant ladies – easing stress on joints and organs as well as providing a low impact work out. If you don’t have a pool near you, why not splash out on your own paddling pool – your baby will be able to use it next year!

  • Choose light, loose clothes

What also goes together with pregnancy and sweat… chafing! Therefore, choose light, loose clothes preferably made from natural materials.

  • Stay cool at night

By spritzing your sheets you will cool down your bed before you climb in. If you want an additional calming element add some essential oil like lavender to the water. You’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

  • Above all….enjoy it!

Pregnancy is probably one of the only times that you will have the excuse to do nothing, therefore relax and enjoy the great weather!


What are your summer hacks for pregnancy? I’d love to hear your tips!


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