How I Plan a Newborn Photography Session

newborn baby boy in photoshoot with brown blankets

Props and Accessories

I plan my newborn photography sessions in my studio near Milton Keynes carefully beforehand. I send all my customers a questionnaire so that I know what your favourite props and colours are, and to learn a little bit more about you!

My sessions are divided into three sections: Baby posed images, props and family images. I have a huge range of bowls, buckets, crates and baskets that I can use to pose your baby in. Newborns love being swaddled up as it reminds them of being in the womb, so I will sometimes wrap your baby in a soft swaddle to make them feel safe and secure. As you can see from my newborn gallery, my style includes many props and I love rustic, classic and organic props that aren’t tacky or cheesy. I love newborn bonnets that are timeless, newborn headbands that are small and delicate and I love soft, organic wool textures.

Whether you prefer natural, neutral colours or a splash of bright and bold, I have something in my extensive collection that you will love to have in your baby’s photographs!

Newborn Baby Photographer near Milton Keynes
Newborn baby photographer near Milton Keynes
bright green background newborn photography near milton keynes

Colour in Newborn Photographs

My style includes rich and colourful blankets and different textures for your baby’s comfort. Before your session I ask you to pick any favourite colours and also to let me know if there are any colours that you don’t like, so I know to avoid them! When I meet you and your new baby, I may recommend some colours over others, to match their skin and hair colour. I plan out your session based on the colours you choose so your experience is tailored to you.

Family Photographs

Family portraits are a really important part of the session. You may have have older children or a family pet to include, or perhaps you just want some beautiful images of the three of you together. Very few people are feeling their best in the few weeks after a new baby arrives, but I will capture the connection and raw emotion of your early days as a new family in these images, that you really will treasure. Some new parents like to show skin-t0-skin contact with their new little one, whereas some prefer a more traditional family portrait. A silhouette of parents and baby is really poular and looks just beautiful! 

Newborn baby with family photograph taken at newborn studio near Milton Keynes

Digitital Composties in Newborn Photography

It’s really lovely to include some elaborate setups in your gallery of images, As you can imagine, something this complicated takes a long time to create and a lot of space to photograph. I make things easier for us both by having these images pre-created and stocked up on my computer! If you would like anything in particular, I can photograph your baby on a soft fluffy rug and then create the finished image digitally afterwards. Isn’t technology brilliant?!

Elaborate ocean styled newborn photograph near Milton Keynes

I plan each newborn portrait session carefully in advance to ensure that your gallery of images is unique reflects the colours and style that you love, and includes  your most-wanted, favourite images. Get in touch with me to find out more about what to expect from your session!

If you’d like to know more about how long a newborn session will last, then check out the blog of a really good friend of mine, Bailie and Belle, a specialist newborn photographer in Hertfordshire. Carli has been photographing babies for 9 years and she is just lovely!


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