Safety in Newborn Photography

Is your photographer a “professional”?

I love meeting photographers who, like me, have a passion for capturing beautiful images for people to treasure.

As a professional photographer for 12 years, and a highly trained newborn photographer, I sadly sometimes see people attempting things that they shouldn’t be doing with newborn babies.

Unfortunately, newborn photography isn’t regulated in the UK, which means that customers have to do their own research into whether a photographer is ‘good’ or not. I really hate to see images of babies that are not carried out safely. These are usually by inexperienced, untrained “photographers” – who are trying to make some money with a camera they got for Christmas! They charge next to nothing because they do not have the experience or training needed to be a professional. Not long ago, I saw a photographer at an event place a baby into a prop in a way that wasn’t safe, and he fell out. It was a small fall and he was luckily unhurt, but it could easily have ended differently. I have seen videos of tiny babies in the “froggy” position – completely unsupported – because a photographer didn’t know that this image is created by digitally merging two separate pictures, without ever leaving the baby unsupported. See more about how the froggy is safely achieved in my post “how is it done?”

Newborn photography baby with dog

Safe newborn photography requires experience and training

A great example is this image of Savannah with her best friend Luna. This beautiful but VERY bouncy dog was never this close to the baby! This is two separate images that have been put together in photoshop afterwards – safety is more important than easy editing!

You can read more about how I photograph babies with dogs in another blog post here. 

I have photographed hundrends of newborn babies and their families. I have the experience to read the body language of babies and know whether they will be happy in certain poses. Some babies are super strong and are able to hold their heads in certain positions, some are not. Some poses should NEVER be done without holding the baby at all times.

I am fully trained in newborn safety and I am always happy to answer any questions you have about the poses I do, the props I use and the nifty little tricks I use to create your beautiful images. I am fully insured and I continually invest in the very best training, equipment and props so that you get the very best images.


Best newborn photographer Northampton

How to choose your photographer

When you choose a “professional” photographer, you should look carefully at the photographer’s work, read reviews, ask people who have used them! Ask quesitons about training and experience – this is something you will only do once! Your newborn should be in the safest of hands at all times, and you should be reassured that you will love your images!

Once again thank you to all those who trust me to be your newborn photographer. I am honoured to be able to do this as my full-time job. A newborn photographer in Cheshire that I love is Light of my Life Photography. She has a lovely, natural style that you can read more about here.

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