10 Things You Think When You’re Past Your Due Date

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Overdue Baby? Your Mind Runs Wild!

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Pregnancy is beautiful and wonderful, and EXHAUSTING and sometimes feels like it’s going on FOREVER! When you’re overdue, your mind gets a little carried away. 

Trust me – your baby will arrive in their own time. No woman is pregnant forever – even though it seems like it! Put your feet up and TRY to patiently wait. Yeah, I know – easier said than done! 

1: Get out. Maternity Photographer Olney

2: I’m going to be pregnant for the rest of my life!

3: I wonder what my feel look like? I haven’t seen them for a while. 

4: If I do star jumps, will it start labour? (My sister tried this so you don’t have to! The answer is NO)

5: I should buy bigger baby clothes. Because this baby is going to be a toddler by the time it’s born!

6: I miss pate. And cheese. And wine. 

7: Is that a contraction? Or do I just need to fart?

8: My newborn photographer will have forgotten about me! Or won’t be able to fit me in! (This won’t happen. I ALWAYS leave wriggle room in my diary for late arrivals and early babies!)

9: Is it normal to be this exhausted, just from getting out of a chair?!

10: Will I ever be able to walk without a waddle?

I started writing this post with help from my sister, who was 4 days overdue. I had to finish it off alone though – because she went into labour! So, if you are waiting for baby to arrive, have a good moan and write a blog post – it clearly helps induce labour!!


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