What is a Sitter Session?

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What are they and why should I do one?

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I offer sitter sessios for babies who are sitting up and beginning to explore their world. It’s a great time to record the next milestone in your little one’s life!

For some babies, sitting happens as early as 5 months, whereas others are abit later, so I don’t specify an age for these sessions. It’s up to you – and your little one -to decide when you are ready for the next stage!

You can choose to have your little one photographed on their own, or take the opportunity to capture some family images, too. At this time of year I get lots of requests to add in family images so that you can plan to give portraits as Christmas presents to family! However, if you would prefer to keep it just for your little one then I will make it really special and lots of fun for them. 

Family Photograph taken in Olney, Milton Keynes
Family Photograph taken in Olney, Milton Keynes
Family Photograph taken in Olney, Milton Keynes

A great way to captue something a bit different is to include a strawberries and cream bath. You don’t have to use strawberries – any fruit works well. And don’t worry if your little one doesn’t eat dairy – we can use a dairy alternative milk instead. In fact, I often use coconut milk – it’s so good for your little one’s skin, and smells delicious. too! 

If you have been to Capture the Light Photography for a newborn session, I will get in touch as your little one grows bigger to offer you a sitter session. But even if you have never been to me before, I’d love to meet your little one! 

Family Photograph taken in Olney, Milton Keynes
Family Photograph taken in Olney, Milton Keynes

A sitter session does tend to feel very different to a newborn appointment. With new babies, we take our time and it’s very calm and relaxed. Whereas an older little one gets bored quickly, so I move more quickly and try to keep them cheerful and engaged throughout

You can choose from a light, bright and airy look to your images, or a darker, fine art portraiture vibe. Or, if you can’t decide, then we can try a bit of both! 

I love seeing little ones grow and develop as they get older. By the time they are sitting, they have begun to develop their own little personalities and even have a bit of attitude! It’s such a lovely thing to track how your baby grows in their first year. 


Family Photographer Olney near Milton Keynes
Family Photographer Olney near Milton Keynes

Older Babies and Family Photography in Olney, near Milton Keynes

If you’d like to know more about sitter and family photography in my studio in Olney, near Milton Keynes, then please do get in touch. You can email me at hello@capturethelightphoto.co.uk or take a look at my page about Baby Photography.

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  1. Selina

    Super cute images, I love sitter sessions!

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    Sitters are such a lovely age to photograph. Your images are lovely

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    Love love these sitter sessions. Perfect way to capture this baby milestone.

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    such cute images! I love sitter sessions

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    Sitter sessions are just so much fun! 😀

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    Love a sitter session

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    Love the strawberries & milk bath!

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    Sitter sessions are the best! I love that age!

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    These are stunning, you are the best baby photographer in Milton Keynes wish I lived closer to you.

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    If we lived closer we would definitely book you as our family photographer

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    Great photos, you really capture the personality at that age!!

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    I love your photography! your clients in Milton Keynes are lucky to have you so close by.

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    Oh I love that you use coconut milk ???? stunning work Emma. I will have to come to Milton Keynes to say Hi ❤️

  15. Lauren

    My favourite age to photograph!! Lovely expressions and little personalities but not quite running in every direction yet lol perfect



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