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Newborn Twin Photoshoot

I absolutely love photographing multiples! In fact, the very first newborn portrait session I did – more than a decade ago – was with a pair of beautiful boy-girl twins.

How is a twin photo shoot different to a single baby?

For you, there is no difference at all. You pay the same as you would if you had one baby. The session fee and the product prices don’t change at all. You have enough that you have to buy double of – photography isn’t one of those things!

The session itself is slightly different as I arrange to have an assistant. I don’t have enough pairs of hands to hold and sooth two babies at once, so having a helper available makes my job a lot easier. Some photographers ask parents to help out but I believe that you should take this opportunity to relax! ألعاب اون لاين مجانا Often mum has had a Caesarian and needs to rest, and you will both be feeling the effects of broken nights and busy days, so you can make the most of my comfy chairs and the biscuit tin and enjoy watching the session.

I aim to capture a combination of images of your babies together, and a few of each on their own, too. They are individuals who will develop very different personalities so it’s important that they have some individual images too.

Twin newborn photo shoot
Twin newborn photo shoot

When will a twin newborn photoshoot take place?

If your babies are born at or close to full term, and are healthy and have been released from hospital, then I try to book you within the first 3 weeks if we can. Twins are no different to single babies – they are sleepy and more easily posed in the first three weeks, and after this point they wake up and become more interested in the world around them!

If your babies arrive early and have to stay in hospital for a longer time, then I ask that you let me know when you are released to go home. We will then aim to arrange a convenient date around 1-3 weeks after you are home, as long as your doctor says that everything is OK.

Are twins more difficult to photograph?

Just like all babies, no set of twins is exactly like another! Some can be more challenging, some can be straightforward. Either way, you can be assured that with my years of experience with newborn babies, I will find a way to capture beautiful images of your precious babies

When you have a multiple pregnancy, your babies are very used to being close to each other. They have been squished together for nine months, after all! I usually find that keeping your babies close to one another helps to sooth them. Multiples usually love being swaddled, as they have been rather squashed during pregnancy, so I use this to help calm them, too.

Twin Newborn Photo shoot
Twin Newborn Photo shoot

How will I get out of the house with two babies?!

You will! Please don’t worry about the practicalities. My studio is designed especially for new parents. I have a coffee machine, biscuit tin, spare nappies, wipes, ready mixed formula in case of an emergency and even pre-sterilised dummies if you need them! You only need to bring yourselves, your babies and some of your preferred formula if that is how you are feeding your little ones. I even have some blankets in case you want to curl up for a nap!

Once you arrive you don’t have to worry about doing anything. My assistant and I will explain what’s happening as we work with your babies, and you will really enjoy watching your precious ones taking part in their very first modelling experience!

twin newborn photo shoot
twin newborn photo shoot

Twin cake smash?!

Please do consider me for milestone images as your babies grow bigger. Twin sitter sessions are a lot of fun and really capture your babies’ emerging cheeky personalities. When they turn one, a cake smash with two or more babies is just brilliant!

To find out more about newborn photography for your twins, triplets or more, please visit my newborn photography page and get in touch with the contact form there. I’ll be in touch with you with some more information as soon as I can!

Places for advice for multiples

There are lots of places that offer advice and support for parents of multiples of any age. Some offer online advice, run local support and help groups, some offer networking with other twin parents. Some even run nearly new sales – just for twins and more!

  • Twins UK – information about local clubs, an online shop selling items for parents of multiples, online chat and a hepline number.
  • Twins Club  – advice, a blog, an online forum and classified ads with items for sale.
  • Multiple Births – holds meetings and classes in London for families expecting a multiple birth.
  • Twins Trust – used to be known as TAMBA. You can join this group for articles with advice, links to local groups, support, courses you can go on and a helpline

Lovely photographer Mya at Rayah Sunshine Photography, a newborn photographer in Huddersfield, has a some ideas on fun things to do during pregnancy – whether you are expecting one or multiple babies!


  1. Carli Adams

    This is such great information Emma, I cannot imagine how difficult it is being a mum of multiples x

  2. Hannah Willis

    Wow the photograph of the triplets is amazing! Twins are adorable. You done amazing capturing them them so perfectly.

  3. Natalie Moss

    Some gorgeous images and great advice. I bet triplets are hard to photograph!!



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