Training for Photographers

In my past life, before I discovered the joys of cuddling babies all day for a living, I worked for a big marketing firm. I handled the PR for some big household names, organised events, co-ordinated campaigns and even looked after crisis management – back in the days when it required carrying a pager (that makes me feel old!)

I believe that, whatever genre of photography you specialise in, you can never have too much training. I take at least two courses each year, and I learn something new all the time. 

Some photographers hope that by taking good pictures, they will build a sucessful business. Very much the attitude of “build it and they will come”! Unfortunately, in a saturated marketplace, this isn’t the case. You need to stand out in an industry crowded with many talented photographers. 

I can help you with that. I offer group workshops, 1:1 in person marketing mentoring, 1:1 skype mentoring and ongoing support and advice via my members-only facebook group. 

Marketing training for Photographers

Marketing for Photographers Workshops

My workshops are suitable for phtographers of every genre – not just those who specialise in newborns! In the workshop we will cover:

* Cost of doing business and the value of photography: How to work out your business costs and the value of your work

* Finding your voice: The importance of language

* Using Facebook effectively – imterraction, posts and adverts

* Step by step how to create an effective Facebook advert

* Website – design and content advice

* SEO – how to optimise your site so that you are seen among the crowd

* Tools that work with your website

* Blogging – what to write and how to make it count

* Instagram – how to use it well

* In-person networking

* The highs and lows of lead schemes

* Communicating with your customer effectively

You’ll leave with an action plan to implement in your business and membership to an exclusive FB group for ongoing support and advice. 


The next workshop I have planned is in February 2020 in Birmingham. 

To register an interest, please send me an email and I’ll be in touch with more details. 

1:1 Mentoring

To find out more baout 1:1 training, please get in touch by email and I can send you details about dates and cost.