Getting out of the house with a new baby

specialist newborn photographer in Olney

Leaving the house with a newborn baby!

Coming to Capture the Light Photography, specialist newborn photographer in Olney, is often the first time that new parents have left the house with their special little bundle! It can be daunting to get yourself and your new baby out of the house and not feel overwhelmed. I completely understand that. Which is why my studio is set up to be comfortable, homely and cosy. I’d also love to share a few tips that might help – whether it’s for when you come for your newborn photography, or for any other trip out with your small baby!

specialist newborn photographer in Olney
specialist newborn photographer in Olney

Keep your nappy bag stocked up! 

Try to re-fill your nappy bag when you get home from a trip, not in a rush just before you leave the house. You can keep a list tucked inside your bag if you need a reminder in the early days – it will soon become second nature though! 

  • Nappies and wipes – more than you think you will need! Nappy sacks are a maybe, not a necessity. 
  • Formula if you’re bottle feeding, or spare breast pads and nipple cream if you’re breast feeding
  • A change of baby clothes in case of poonami. Another change in case of a second one!
  • An extra hat, cardi, jumper or blanket in case it gets cold. 
  • Muslins – you can never have too many. They are just so useful!
  • A bottle of water and a snack – you need to look after yourself, too!

Avoid strong perfume

Sounds daft, but when you head out in the early days, you should avoid wearing strong perfumes. This is particularly important if you are breasfeeding! Babies have very sensitive noses and weraing a strong scent that they are not used to can upset them, make them reluctant to latch on and generally unsettle them. I never wear artificial scents when I’m working with a new baby, as I want to keep them as calm and settled as possible while in my newborn photography studio in Olney. 


specialist newborn photographer in Olney
specialist newborn photographer in Olney

Allow more time than you think you need!

It will take you longer than you think to get ready to leave the house. No matter how organised you are, babies have a habit of throwing you a curve ball when you least expect it. A dirty nappy, an extra feed, an outfit-soaking puke… all when you are heading out of the door!

If your trip out involves several stops – a trip to some shops, an appointment, visiting several sets of friends – then expect to take a lot of breaks along the way. Feed times go out of the window when you are out and about – sometimes baby will sleep longer, thanks to the movement of the pram or car seat, but sometimes they will need more comfort because they are out of their usual surroundings.

All my newborn sessions are baby-led. We work at your baby’s pace, stopping for feeds and breaks whenever they are needed. I don’t put a time limit on newborn photograpy. Sometimes they take two hours, sometimes they take longer. I do what’s best for your baby!

Be selective about where you visit

Only visit places that you feel comfortable in! Having recently given birth, and with sleepless nights, you will feel more vulnerable than usual. be picky about where you go! 

My newborn photography studio in Olney is carefully designed to be comfortable for new parents. I have sofas that are great for feeding baby, or for a quick 40 winks if you need it! I have hot drinks, bottled water and a well stocked biscuit tin. It is warm, cosy and you will enjoy your visit to me!

specialist newborn photographer in Olney

In a few weeks, you will be completely on top of “have baby, will travel”! In the meantime, be gentle on yourself. Plan short trips and surround yourself with people who understand how you are feeling, and who are willing to help out if needed.

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