Review of Newborn Photography

Premature newborn boy photography black and white

What’s it like to have newborn photographs created by Capture the Light?

Here’s a review of newborn photography by mummy blogger, Amy.

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I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that picking the right photographer for your baby’s newborn photoshoot is so important. I spent ages searching Instagram and Facebook to find the right photographer for us. Whilst looking for photographers I found some photos I loved and then others I wasn’t so keen on. I just wanted to find a photographer where I loved ALL their photos.

And then… I came across Capture The Light Photography and instantly fell in love with Emma’s stunning photography. Emma’s studio is based in Olney which is just over half an hour from us. I’m going off on a little tangent here but Olney is actually such a beautiful village! We stopped for lunch at The Cherry Tree and it was delicious – it was the sunny Easter weekend and we had a lovely table outside. So the point I am trying to make is, if you’re travelling to Olney for your little ones photoshoot, there is plenty of places for brunch, lunch or dinner!

On our initial enquiry, Emma was so lovely and answered any questions we had. Prior to our photoshoot, we filled out a questionnaire so Emma knew what colours and some of the photo ideas we had. I fully trusted Emma and the photos she would create for Colby but it was nice to be included in the decisions as well.

The Capture The Light Photography studio is inside Happy Days Toy Shop and it’s a nice intimate setting that isn’t too overwhelmingly big. Emma is also loaded with wipes, milton spray and plenty of extra swaddle wraps, blankets outfits etc for when your baby does an infamous poop.. It happens to the best of us! I’m not going to lie, I was so worried he would wee and poo everywhere as for quite a bit of the photoshoot Colby was naked. Emma is totally unphased by this.. she was just like if he poo’s he poo’s and of course told us some of the explosions she has experienced in her twelve years of photography. This had Michael and I laughing but secretly we were hoping for no poonamis! Colby didn’t pee – hooray! It could have quite literally gone everywhere if he did, we dodged the bullet there. And he didn’t do any giant poops but he most definitely ruined an outfit and blanket – we’re sorry Emma! Have I really just written a whole paragraph on poops?! Yes, yes I have.Premature newborn boy photography black and white

Both Michael and I felt completely comfortable whilst Emma was manoeuvring Colby into the different positions, changing outfits and sets etc. She also soothed him if he stirred at any point which was really lovely. As much as we could have settled him if needed, it was nice that Emma took the time to do this rather than going ‘here’s your baby, sort him out please’. The way she spoke to Colby as she was swaddling, changing, rocking (whatever it may be) was so lovely for us to see and I knew we had picked the perfect photographer. Emma made sure we could see what was going on the whole time and checked everything over with us so we were fully involved in the photoshoot.

I believe that no two babies are the same and I know that Emma creates a completely unique experience for each baby she photographs.


We went back to the studio to view Colbys photos and I actually had tears in my eyes as we watched the slideshow. The slideshow had some music in the background that really added to the display of photos. It was a nice extra touch and I’m blaming the tears on the music – nothing to do with the fact the photos were simply stunning! That really is the only way to describe the images Emma has created. Colby looked just beautiful. I knew the photos were going to be amazing but they were better than we could have ever imagined.


When it came to selecting the photos, Michael and I were actually in agreement for all of them (other than one but let’s pretend that didn’t happen). What a result – imagine if we’d had a full on domestic in the studio. That would have been embarrassing! We had picked one from each set of Colby and then a photo of the three of us. Both sets of my grandparents have a house full of photos of all their children and grandchildren so I’m more than sure they will be making some space for Colby!


Overall, I cannot fault our experience with Capture The Light Photography and I couldn’t be happier with Colbys photographs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Emma to anyone.

Premature newborn Milton Keynes boy photography black and white

Thank you so much to Amy, Michael and of course gorgeous Colby for their review of newborn photography after their visit to Capture the Light Photography for their newborn portraits, I can’t wait to see you all again as Colby grows bigger!


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