Cake Smash Colours and Themes

I LOVE a fun cake smash setup. If you have any specific ideas that you want to do then please let me know with plenty of notice, and I’ll do my very best to get all the props needed to be able to do it. However, if you don’t know where to start then here are some of my favourite themes, colours and setups. You can ask me to replicate on eof these for your cake smash, or use them as inspiration for something unique that you want to do!

Rainbows! a purple one, a pastel one and a bright one. 

cake smash ideas
rainbow cake smash ideas
rainbow cake smash ideas

How about this one? A country garden – which could be made more masculine with welly boots and plant pots, or more feminine with more flowers – whichever you prefer!

floral cake smash ideas
floral cake smash ideas

Colours – one or two combined – are fun and can be chosen to match your decor!

blue cake smash ideas
purple cake smash ideas
yellow cake smash ideas

or how about a theme… this green backdrop works as a jungle, or a farmyard!

Jungle cake smash ideas
Farm cake smash ideas

I love the more natural setups. Greens, browns, pastel colours. 

Green cake smash ideas
floral cake smash ideas
pink and green cake smash ideas

Whatever you choose, there will be balloons, or decorations, or props, or all three! And of course there will always be cake. Unless you don’t want cake, in which case there can be doughnuts, or fruit, or paint, or… anything at all!! But I think that’s a whole other blog post!

blue and gold cake smash ideas
rose gold cake smash ideas
yellow cake smash ideas
bath cake smash ideas

and of course, whatever you choose, there’s always a bath at the end. You can have it on the same backdrop as your cake smash, or we can instead have a fun rubber duck background. The choice is yours!

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  1. annabel


    I’m wondering what your availability is like between 26th-28th March and 7th -16th April. We will be in the Uk between those dates and would like to organise a cake smash for our daughters 1st birthday. Also do you have wheel chair access as I’m sure my mother would like to watch all the fun 🙂



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