Babies and dogs? Sure – why not!

Newborn photography with a dog?! They say never to work with children or animals, but I’ve never been one to follow other people’s advice!

When you welcome a new baby into your family, you may worry about how your pets may react to the new addition! After all, your furry friend was the centre of all your attention until this point! When you book with Capture the Light Photography, I’m happy to include your pooch. They are a member of your family and should be included too!

How will my dog react to the new baby?

Honestly – there is no way to tell! I’ve met dogs who LOVE their new addition, some who are a little scared of this strange new thing in their space and some who are amazingly protective of their new charge! However your dog reacts, please don’t worry – I have tricks to get them to settle for a photo that you will love!

Newborn Photographer baby and dog together

What if they won’t sit together? 

Please don’t worry. I photograph babies and dogs all the time – and it’s actually quite unusual to have the two sitting together perfectly! I often don’t even try. I simply sit your dog next to a prop, with you as close as you need to be to keep him still, and photograph your dog on their own. Then we remove your dog – with lots of praise and treats for being well behaved – and photograph your baby in the same set! With some photoshop wizardry, the finished image features both together!

Newborn photography baby with dog
Newborn photography baby with dog

Will my dog be happy in the studio?

Well, that depeds on your dog! Like babies, they are all different. What I usually do is ask you to all arrive together. I’ll spend a few minutes chatting and making a fuss of your dog when you first get here. Then I’ll ask mum to feed baby, and I’ll take some photographs of your dog on their own. Once baby is ready, we’ll do any family images you want, and once your pup has played their part I’ll ask that the dog is taken out of the studio. It’s very warm and a strange environment, so your dog will be much happier going for a walk, or being taken home. Then I can concentrate on baby’s solo pictures and you can relax and enjoy the session in peace! 

Newborn photography baby with dog

Isn’t there dog hair everywhere?!

No! After every newborn session I do a deep clean of my studio. Every fabric that has been used is washed with non-bio washing powder. I vacuum, sweep and then damp dust the floor and props with milton spray. There isn’t any dog hair left when I’m done!

What do I need to bring for my dog?

Not much, really! It helps if you can give him a walk beforehand, to get rid of any excess energy. And if you have a breed that needs grooming, try to have a trim in the weeks beforehand. And please bring a bag of favourite treats and a toy with you. While your dog is sitting down – I’ll be madly squeaking, woofing and waving treats around to get their attention – so whatever you have that your dog loves will work well!

To find out what else you can expect from a newborn session with Capture the Light Photography, you can read the answers to lots of frequent questions in my post here. 

What do people do with newborn and dog images?!

I offer a range of different products and collections of images. You don’t choose what you are going to buy until you see your images. Around a week after your newborn session you return to the studio to come and view your gallery and that is when you decide ho wyou are going to display your treasured images. Dog images are a favourite for a wall product – either a gallery block or a framed print. The lovely Hannah at Cherished Memories Photography – a Newborn Photographer in Willaston in Cheshire – has recently written about how her customers choose to display their products, too!

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