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trained photographer northampton
I have been a photographer for more than 13 years, and have specialised in babies and young children for over half that time. Some might think that I know everything?! Absolutely not – and I never will!

I train every year, as many times as I can! I will never know everything. There is always something new to learn, a different technique or style to try or a new pose to master.

Trained photographer Northampton specialist in newborn babies

At the beginning of the year I travelled to Glossop in Derbyshire to train with the gorgeous Natalie Leech. She is a newborn expert and poses her babies using a bowl to create a lovely shape for posing babies in. I’d never done this before so it was really interesting to see how she creates such beautidul poses! After this training I really perfected the “taco” pose – which curls babies up so that they are womb-like. I love the finished image that is created with taco, and I like to do it with every session when baby is comfortable to have their legs curled up. 

Trained newborn photographer Northampton family image
I love exploring different styles, which is why I booked a day with lighting expert and multi-award-winning photographer Gary Hill from Art of the Portrait. Gary spent the day in my studio and we worked on fine-art style family portraits, mother and baby posing and sitting baby images. I loved learning how to achieve beautiful styling with my props, light shaping with my studio strobes and artistic, rich editing to achieve this beautiful effect. If you like this classic, timeless style of phtoography and editing, I can include this in any milestone or family session you book with me!
Trained photographer northampton

Last, but by no means least, I have been a mentored throughout this year by Maddy Rogers – one of the UK’s most respected newborn photography trainers. Throughout the year of working with Maddy, she has demonstrated angles, posing, parent images, editing, lighting and much more. Maddy has been extrememly generous with her knowledge and I love her no-nonsense way of working with babies – and photographers! If you want to know more about her newborn photography mentoring scheme for 2020, do take a look at her site!

Trained photographer Northampton
Trained photographer Northampton
Trained photographer Northampton

You can see more of Maddy’s newborn work on her website. She is the premier newborn photographer in Lincolnshire, and she has shared some beautiful words and images about raimbow babies she has photographed. 


  1. Jill

    I adore that taco pose. Gorgeous. Beautiful work and so good to keep on learning and pushing ourselves.


    Great blog! Thanks for the big up. 🙂 I must try the bowl method. 🙂

  3. Selina

    Lovely images. Training is so important too

  4. Lisa

    Great blog!

  5. Joanne

    Oh that’s great – I’d love to learn the bowl method

  6. Natalie Moss

    Gorgeous images. Its so important to book a trained photographer.

  7. Louise

    So great to know that you take trainings seriously as a newborn photographer

  8. Hannah Willis

    I absolutely love training with Maddy. Your so right I don’t think we will ever know it all. There’s so much and so many different ways of doing things 🙂

  9. Lauren

    Training is so important with newborn photography

  10. Clare Perry

    So good to know you are up to date with training, I think it is so important for baby safety!!

  11. Sarah Osborne

    Great to know you have trained in this area x

  12. sharon

    Great blog

  13. Mya

    Love your work!

  14. Brooke

    you can really see the benefit of all that training! beautiful images!

  15. Kate

    Gorgeous images

  16. jay saunders

    training is so important ????????


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